Charge the supplied EN‑EL15c battery before use.

The Battery and Charger

Read and follow the warnings and cautions in “For Your Safety” (For Your Safety) and “Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions” (Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions).

The Battery Charger

Depending on the country or region, the charger comes with either an AC wall adapter or a power cable.

  • AC wall adapter: After inserting the AC wall adapter into the charger AC inlet (q), slide the AC wall adapter latch as shown (w) and rotate the adapter 90 ° to fix it in place (e).

  • Power cable: After connecting the power cable with the plug in the orientation shown, insert the battery and plug the cable in.

  • An exhausted battery will fully charge in about 2 hours and 35 minutes.

    Battery charging (flashes)

    Charging complete (steady)

If the CHARGE Lamp Flashes Rapidly

If the CHARGE lamp flashes rapidly (8 times a second):

  • A battery charging error has occurred: Unplug the charger and remove and reinsert the battery.

  • The ambient temperature is too hot or too cold: Use the battery charger at temperatures within the designated temperature range (0–40 °C/+32–104 °F).

If the problem persists, unplug the charger and end charging. Bring the battery and charger to a Nikon-authorized service representative.

Charging AC Adapters

When a battery is inserted in the camera, the optional EH-7P charging AC adapter can be used to charge the battery or power the camera.

  • EN-EL15a or EN-EL15 batteries cannot be charged using a charging AC adapter. Use an MH-25a battery charger instead.

  • If [Enable] is selected for [USB power delivery] in the setup menu, the charging AC adapter can be used to power the camera. The batteries will not charge while the camera is powered by an outside source. For more information, see “‘Power Delivery’ Versus ‘Charging’” (“Power Delivery” Versus “Charging”).

  1. Insert the EN‑EL15c into the camera (Inserting the Battery).
  2. After confirming that the camera is off, connect the charging AC adapter (q) and plug the adapter in.

    Keep the plug straight during insertion and removal.


    • The battery charges while the camera is off.

    • The camera charge lamp (w) lights amber while charging is in progress. The lamp turns off when charging is complete.

    • An exhausted battery will fully charge in about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

    Power Delivery

    The camera will draw power from the adapter while on.

  3. Unplug the charging AC adapter when charging is complete or when it is no longer needed to power the camera.

The Charging AC Adapter

If the battery cannot be charged using the charging AC adapter, for example because the battery is not compatible or the temperature of the camera is elevated, the charge lamp will flash rapidly for about 30 seconds and then turn off. If the charge lamp is off and you did not observe the battery charging, turn the camera on and check the battery level.

Computer USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging
  • Computers will supply current to power the camera or charge the battery only when connected via a UC-E25 USB cable (available separately). The supplied USB cable cannot be used for this purpose.

  • Depending on the model and product specifications, some computers will not supply current to power the camera or charge the battery.