Press the K button to view photos and movies recorded with the camera.

Viewing Photos

Photos can be viewed by following the steps below.

  1. Press the K button.
    • A picture will be displayed in the monitor or viewfinder.

    • The memory card containing the picture currently displayed is shown by an icon.

  2. Press 4 or 2 to view additional pictures.
    • When pictures are displayed in the monitor, you can view other pictures by flicking a finger left or right over the display.

    • To end playback and return to shooting mode, press the shutter-release button halfway.

Viewing Movies

Movies are indicated by a 1 icon. Tap the a icon in the display or press the J button to start playback (a progress bar shows your approximate position in the movie).


1 icon




a icon


Current position/total length


Progress bar





Movie Playback Operations




Press 3 to pause playback.


Press the J button to resume playback when playback is paused or during rewind/advance.

Rewind/ advance

  • Press 4 to rewind, 2 to advance. Speed increases with each press, from 2× to 4× to 8× to 16×.

  • Keep 4 or 2 pressed to skip respectively to the first frame or last frame.

  • The first frame is indicated by a h in the top right corner of the display, the last frame by a i.

Start slow-motion playback

Press 3 while the movie is paused to start slow-motion playback.

Jog rewind/advance

  • Press 4 or 2 while the movie is paused to rewind or advance one frame at a time.

  • Keep 4 or 2 pressed for continuous rewind or advance.

Skip 10 s

Rotate the main command dial one stop to skip ahead or back 10 s.

Skip to last or first frame

Rotate the sub-command dial to skip to the last or first frame.

Adjust volume

Press X to increase volume, W (Q) to decrease.

Trim movie

To display the [EDIT MOVIE] menu, pause playback and press the i button.


Press 1 or K to exit to full-frame playback.

Exit to shooting mode

Press the shutter-release button halfway to end playback.

Deleting Unwanted Pictures

Pictures can be deleted as described below. Note that once deleted, pictures cannot be recovered.

  1. Display the picture.
    • Press the K button to start playback and press 4 or 2 until the desired picture is displayed.

    • The location of the current image is shown by an icon at the bottom left corner of the display.

  2. Delete the picture.
    • Press the O button; a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Press the O button again to delete the image and return to playback.

    • To exit without deleting the picture, press K.

The Playback Menu [Delete] Item

Use [Delete] in the playback menu to:

  • Delete multiple pictures

  • Delete pictures taken on selected dates

  • Delete all pictures in selected folders