The new features available with camera “C” firmware version 1.30 are described below.

Voice Memos (Z 6II Only)

A [Voice memo] option has been added to the roles that can be assigned to the [Movie record button] via Custom Setting f2 [Custom controls]. In the [Voice memo] role, the movie-record button can be used to record and play voice memos up to about 60 seconds long while a picture is displayed.

Recording Voice Memos

  1. Select [Voice memo] for Custom Setting f2 [Custom controls] > [Movie record button].
  2. Select playback mode and display a picture to which you wish to add a voice memo.
  3. Press and hold the movie-record button.
    • Recording will continue while the button is pressed.

    • A b icon is displayed during recording.

  4. Release the movie-record button to end recording.
    • Pictures with voice memos are indicated by h icons.

    • Recording ends automatically after 60 seconds.

Cautions: Voice Memo Recording
  • Voice memos cannot be added to pictures with existing memos (indicated by h icons). Delete the existing memo before attempting to record a new memo.

  • You cannot view other pictures or use touch controls while recording is in progress.

  • Recording will end if you:

    • press the O button,

    • exit playback mode, or

    • turn the camera off.

  • Recording may end if you press the shutter-release button or operate other camera controls.

  • Voice memos cannot be recorded to SD memory cards if the cards are locked (write protected).

Voice Memo Storage Location

Voice memos for pictures taken with [Backup] or [RAW primary - JPEG secondary] selected for [Secondary slot function] in the photo shooting menu will be added to the pictures on both memory cards.

Voice Memo File Names

Voice memos have file names of the form “DSC_nnnn.WAV”, where nnnn is a four-digit number copied from the picture with which the voice memo is associated.

  • Voice memos for pictures taken with [Adobe RGB] selected for [Color space] in the photo shooting menu have file names of the form “_DSCnnnn.WAV”.

  • In place of “DSC”, voice memos for pictures named via [File naming] in the photo shooting menu will have the same three-letter prefix as the pictures with which they are associated.

Playing Voice Memos

  1. Select [Voice memo] for Custom Setting f2 [Custom controls] > [Movie record button].
  2. Select playback mode and display a picture with a h icon.
  3. Press the movie-record button.
    • Voice memo playback will start.

  4. Press the movie-record button again.

    • Voice memo playback will end.

Cautions: Voice Memo Playback
  • Playback zoom is disabled during voice memo playback.

  • Playback will end if you:

    • view other pictures,

    • press the O button,

    • exit playback mode, or

    • turn the camera off.

  • Playback may end if you press the shutter-release button or operate other camera controls.

  • Protecting pictures also protects any associated voice memos. Protection cannot be applied separately.

  • Voice memos are not included with pictures uploaded to a computer or ftp server using a WT-7. Voice memos are listed as separate files when pictures are viewed in HTTP server mode.

Deleting Voice Memos

Pressing the O button when viewing a picture marked with a h icon displays a confirmation dialog.

  • To delete both the picture and the voice memo, highlight [Image and voice memo] and press O.

  • To delete only the voice memo, highlight [Voice memo only] and press O.

  • To resume playback without deleting either file, press K.

  • Deleting pictures deletes any associated voice memos.

  • With dual-format pictures, you may opt to delete the voice memo only from the picture on the card in the current slot, which you can do by choosing [Selected image] and then [Voice memo only].

Voice Memo Options

The setup menu now offers a [Voice memo options] item containing the following options for voice memo recording and playback.

  • [Voice memo control] controls the behavior of the movie-record button during voice memo recording.

    • [Press and hold] (default): Recording takes place only while the movie-record button is pressed and ends when the button is released.

    • [Press to start/stop]: Press the movie record button once to begin recording and again to end recording.

  • [Audio output] controls voice memo playback volume.

    • [Speaker/headphones]: Choose the volume at which voice memos play over the camera speaker or headphones connected to the camera.

    • [Off]: Voice memos do not play when the movie-record button is pressed.

Hue and Brightness Settings for Portraits

[Portrait impression balance] items have been added to the photo and movie shooting menus. Settings can be fine-tuned on the hue and brightness axes and the results saved as [Mode 1], [Mode 2], or [Mode 3]. The saved modes can be applied to new pictures.

Creating Portrait Impression Balance Modes

  1. Select [Portrait impression balance] in the photo or movie shooting menu.
  2. Highlight a mode from [Mode 1] through [Mode 3] and press 2.
    • Options for the selected mode will be displayed.

  3. Adjust hue and brightness.
    • Press 4 or 2 to adjust hue on the M (magenta)–Y (yellow) axis. Magenta increases as you move toward M, amber (yellow) as you move toward Y.

    • Press 1 or 3 to adjust brightness. Brightness increases as the values go up and decreases as they go down.

    • The selected values are displayed to the right of the grid.

    • To restore default settings, press the O button.

  4. Save changes.

    • Press J to save changes and exit to the menus.

    • Modes that have been altered from default values are indicated by asterisks (“U”).

    • Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to create additional modes.

  5. Highlight [Mode 1], [Mode 2], [Mode 3], or [Off] in the [Portrait impression balance] display and press J.

    • The selected mode will be applied to all subsequent pictures.

    • Selecting [Off] (the default setting) disables portrait impression balance.

Cautions: Portrait Impression Balance
  • [Portrait impression balance] will not be available if:

    • [Monochrome] or [Creative Picture Control] is selected for [Set Picture Control], or

    • [N-Log] or [HDR (HLG)] is selected for [HDMI] > [Advanced] > [N-Log/HDR (HLG) output options] in the setup menu.

  • The values selected for portrait impression balance cannot be viewed in the camera playback display, in the [NEF (RAW) processing] display in the retouch menu, or in Nikon’s NX Studio software.

  • Portrait impression balance settings for existing pictures cannot be altered using NX Studio or the [NEF (RAW) processing] item in the retouch menu.