New “USB” Option

A [USB] option has been added to the setup menu. With this addition, an iPhone running the NX MobileAir smartphone app can now import pictures from a camera connected via a USB cable.

  • Select [MTP/PTP] when connecting to computers or Android devices.

  • Select [iPhone] only when connecting to iPhones via a third-party USB-C to Lightning cable in order to use NX MobileAir (for information on compatible USB-C to Lightning cables, see the online help for NX MobileAir).

  • Whether or not the camera is connected to an iPhone, selecting [iPhone] will disable the features listed below. To access these features, select [MTP/PTP].

    • built-in camera network functions

    • the [Wireless remote (ML-L7) options] item in the setup menu

    • supplying power to the camera or charging the battery via USB (you will also not be able to supply power to the camera or charge the battery using an optional charging AC adapter)

  • The NX MobileAir app is available from the Apple App Store® and Google Play™.

New Optional Remote Grip

The camera now supports the optional MC-N10 remote grip. When connected to the camera, the MC-N10 can be used for such tasks as movie shooting, photography, and adjusting camera settings.

  • The MC-N10 comes equipped with a rosette for attachment to third-party camera equipment. With the MC-N10 mounted on third-party camera equipment via an ARRI-compatible rosette adapter, you can keep moving subjects in focus while panning the camera to track their motion, or use its conveniently-placed controls to adjust settings such as exposure and white balance without touching the camera.

  • For more information on the MC-N10, see the documentation available from the Nikon Download Center.