The settings affected when bracketing is enabled in mode M are determined by the options selected for [Auto bracketing] > [Auto bracketing set] in the photo shooting menu and the option chosen for Custom Setting e6 [Auto bracketing (mode M)].

Custom Setting e6
[Auto bracketing (mode M)]

Photo shooting menu
[Auto bracketing set]

AE & flash bracketing*

AE bracketing*



Shutter speed and flash level

Shutter speed



Shutter speed, aperture, and flash level

Shutter speed and aperture



Aperture and flash level



[Flash only]

Flash level

  • If a flash is not used when [On] is selected for [Auto ISO sensitivity control] and [Flash/speed], [Flash/speed/aperture], or [Flash/aperture] is selected for e6 [Auto bracketing (mode M)], ISO sensitivity will be fixed at the value for the first shot in each bracketing sequence.

Flash Bracketing

Flash bracketing is performed only with i-TTL or qA (auto aperture) flash control.