In photo mode, the shooting display will dim to save power approximately 15 seconds before the standby timer expires.




Enable energy saving. The display refresh rate may drop.


Disable energy saving. Note selecting [Disable] does not stop the shooting display dimming a few seconds before the standby expires.

Energy Saving
  • Note that even when [Enable] is selected, energy saving will not function:

    • if [No limit] is selected for Custom Setting c3 [Power off delay] > [Standby timer] or if the delay selected is less than 30 seconds,

    • during zoom,

    • while the camera is connected to another device via HDMI,

    • while the camera is connected to and exchanging data with a computer via USB, or

    • while the camera is connected to an AC adapter.

  • Selecting [Disable] increases the drain on the battery.