Adjust the following ISO sensitivity settings for use in movie mode.



[Maximum sensitivity]

  • Choose the upper limit for auto ISO sensitivity control from values between ISO 200 and Hi 2.0.

  • The selected value serves as the upper limit for ISO sensitivity in modes P, S, and A and when [On] is selected for [Auto ISO control (mode M)] in mode M.

[Auto ISO control (mode M)]

  • [On]: Enable auto ISO sensitivity control in mode M.

  • [Off]: Use the value selected for [ISO sensitivity (mode M)].

  • Regardless of the option selected, auto ISO sensitivity control is used in modes other than M.

[ISO sensitivity (mode M)]

Choose the ISO sensitivity for mode M from values between ISO 64 (Z 7II) or 100 (Z 6II) and Hi 2.0.

Auto ISO Sensitivity Control
  • At high ISO sensitivities, “noise” (randomly-spaced bright pixels, fog, or lines) may increase.

  • At high ISO sensitivities, the camera may have difficulty focusing.

  • The foregoing can be prevented by choosing a lower value for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity].