Create copies with reduced peripheral distortion; this can reduce barrel distortion in pictures taken with wide-angle lenses or pin-cushion distortion in pictures taken with telephoto lenses. Select [Auto] to let the camera correct distortion automatically and then make fine adjustments using the multi selector. Select [Manual] to reduce distortion manually.

  • The effect can be previewed in the edit display.

  • Note that [Manual] must be used with copies created using the [Auto] option and with photos taken using the [Auto distortion control] option in the photo shooting menu. Manual distortion control cannot be further applied to copies created using [Manual].

  • Press 4 to reduce pincushion distortion, 2 to reduce barrel distortion.

  • Press J to save the retouched copy.

Distortion Control

Note that greater amounts of distortion control result in more of the edges being cropped out.