Fine-tune focus for up to 30 lens types. Use only as required. We recommend that you perform fine-tuning at a focus distance you use frequently; if you perform focus-tuning at a short focus distance, for example, you may find it less effective at longer distances.

  • AF fine-tune (On/Off): Choose On to turn AF tuning on, Off to turn it off.
  • Saved value: Tune AF for the current lens. Press 1 to move focal point away from camera or 3 to move focal point toward camera; choose from values between +20 and –20. The camera can store values for up to 30 lens types. Only one value can be stored for each type of lens.

    Current value

    Saved value

  • Default: Choose the AF tuning value used when no previously saved value exists for the current lens.
  • List saved values: List previously saved AF tuning values. To delete a lens from the list, highlight the desired lens and press O. To change a lens identifier (for example, to choose an identifier that is the same as the last two digits of the lens serial number to distinguish it from other lenses of the same type in light of the fact that Saved value can be used with only one lens of each type), highlight the desired lens and press 2. A menu will be displayed; press 1 or 3 to choose an identifier and press J to save changes and exit.