Add copyright information to new photographs as they are taken. Copyright information can be viewed in the NX Studio [Info] tab.

Enter the names of the photographer (maximum 36 characters) and copyright holder (maximum 54 characters). Highlight [Artist] or [Copyright] or press 2 to display a text-entry dialog. For information on text entry, see “Text Entry” (Text Entry).

To attach copyright information to subsequent photographs, highlight [Attach copyright information], press 2, and confirm that a check (M) appears in the adjacent check box. Press J to save changes and exit; copyright information will be attached to all subsequent photographs.

  • To prevent unauthorized use of the artist or copyright holder names, make sure that [Attach copyright information] is not selected before lending or transferring the camera to another person. You will also need to make sure that the artist and copyright fields are blank.

  • Nikon does not accept liability for any damages or disputes arising from the use of the [Copyright information] option.

Copyright information is included in the shooting data shown in the photo information display.