Optical and radio AWL can be used together. Radio flash control is provided by a WR-R10 connected to the camera, optical control by an SU-800 wireless Speedlight commander or an SB-910, SB-900, SB-800, SB-700, or SB-500 flash unit mounted on the camera accessory shoe. Before proceeding, establish a wireless connection between the radio-controlled flash units and the WR-R10 (0 Radio AWL). If an SB-500 is mounted on the camera accessory shoe, select Optical/radio AWL for Flash control > Wireless flash options in the photo shooting menu; with other flash units or the SU-800, this option is selected automatically.

The only option available for Remote flash control will be Group flash. Choose a group (A–F) for each of the remote flash units. Place optically-controlled flash units in groups A through C and radio-controlled units in groups D through F (to display options for groups D through F, press 1 or 3 in the group flash options display).