To view Custom Settings, select the A tab in the camera menus.

Custom Settings are used to customize camera settings to suit individual preferences.

Main menu

Custom Setting groups

The following Custom Settings are available:

Custom Setting 1
  Reset custom settings
a Autofocus
a1 AF-C priority selection
a2 AF-S priority selection
a3 Focus tracking with lock-on
a4 Auto-area AF face/eye detection
a5 Focus points used
a6 Store points by orientation
a7 AF activation
a8 Limit AF-area mode selection
a9 Focus point wrap-around
a10 Focus point options
a11 Low-light AF
a12 Built-in AF-assist illuminator
a13 Manual focus ring in AF mode 2
b Metering/exposure
b1 EV steps for exposure cntrl
b2 Easy exposure compensation
b3 Center-weighted area
b4 Fine-tune optimal exposure
c Timers/AE lock
c1 Shutter-release button AE-L
c2 Self-timer
c3 Power off delay
d Shooting/display
d1 CL mode shooting speed
d2 Max. continuous release
d3 Sync. release mode options
d4 Exposure delay mode
d5 Shutter type
d6 Limit selectable image area
d7 File number sequence
d8 Apply settings to live view
d9 Framing grid display
d10 Peaking highlights
d11 View all in continuous mode
e Bracketing/flash
e1 Flash sync speed
e2 Flash shutter speed
e3 Exposure comp. for flash
e4 Auto c ISO sensitivity control
e5 Modeling flash
e6 Auto bracketing (mode M)
e7 Bracketing order
f Controls
f1 Customize i menu
f2 Custom control assignment
f3 OK button
f4 Shutter spd & aperture lock
f5 Customize command dials
f6 Release button to use dial
f7 Reverse indicators
g Movie
g1 Customize i menu
g2 Custom control assignment
g3 OK button
g4 AF speed
g5 AF tracking sensitivity
g6 Highlight display

Items modified from default values are indicated by asterisks (“U“).

Available with compatible lenses only.

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