Photographs are saved using file names consisting of “DSC_” or, in the case of images that use the Adobe RGB color space (0 Color Space), “_DSC”, followed by a four-digit number and a three-letter extension (e.g., “DSC_0001.JPG” or “_DSC0002.JPG”). The File naming option is used to select three letters to replace the “DSC” portion of the file name as described in “Text Entry” (0 Text Entry).


The following extensions are used: “.NEF” for NEF (RAW) images, “.TIF” for TIFF (RGB) images, “.JPG” for JPEG images, “.MOV” for MOV movies, “.MP4” for MP4 movies, and “.NDF” for dust off reference data. In each pair of photographs recorded at image-quality settings of NEF (RAW)+JPEG, the NEF and JPEG images have the same file names but different extensions.