Choose the items listed in the i menu displayed when the i button is pressed in photo mode.

View Memory Card Info

View the slot currently selected as the destination for new pictures and the options used to record pictures when two memory cards are inserted. This option can be used to view but not to change the option selected.

  • The options used to record pictures when two memory cards are inserted can be selected using [Secondary slot function] in the photo shooting menu.

Split-Screen Display Zoom

If [Split-screen display zoom] is assigned to the i menu, you can select [Split-screen display zoom] to simultaneously zoom in on two areas that are aligned horizontally but are in different parts of the frame (split-screen display zoom). The locations of the areas are indicated by the two frames (r) in the navigation window in the bottom right corner of the display.

  • Zooming in simultaneously on two widely-separated but horizontally-aligned areas of the frame makes it easier to level pictures of buildings or other wide objects.

  • Use the X and W (Q) buttons to zoom in and out.

  • Press 4 or 2 to scroll the selected area left or right. Use the J button to switch between the two areas.

  • Press 1 or 3 to scroll both areas up or down simultaneously.

  • To focus on the subject at the center of the selected area, press the shutter-release button halfway.

  • To exit split-screen display zoom, press the i button.

Bluetooth Connection

Enable or disable Bluetooth.

MB-N11 Info

View information on the batteries in optional MB-N11 power battery packs connected to the camera (Checking the Level of the Batteries in the MB-N11).

A Custom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings

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b: Metering/Exposure

c: Timers/AE Lock

d: Shooting/Display

e: Bracketing/Flash

f: Controls

g: Movie