Most shooting, playback, and setup options can be accessed from the camera menus. To view the menus, press the G button.

G button

1 Tabs

Menu options

Options in current menu.

3 Current settings are shown by icons.
4 Slider shows position in current menu.
5 Help icon (0 The d (Help) Icon)


Choose from the following menus:

Using Camera Menus

The multi selector and J button are used to navigate the camera menus.

  • 1: Move cursor up
  • 3: Move cursor down
  • 4: Cancel and return to previous menu
  • 2: Select highlighted item or display sub-menu
  • J button: select highlighted item

The d (Help) Icon

If a d icon is displayed at the bottom left corner of the monitor, a description of the currently selected option or menu can be displayed by pressing the W (Q) button. Press 1 or 3 to scroll through the display. Press W (Q) again to return to the menus.

W (Q) button

Navigating the Menus

Follow the steps below to navigate the menus.

  1. Display the menus.

    Press the G button to display the menus.

    G button

  2. Highlight the icon for the current menu.

    Press 4 to highlight the icon for the current menu.

  3. Select a menu.

    Press 1 or 3 to select the desired menu.

  4. Position the cursor in the selected menu.

    Press 2 to position the cursor in the selected menu.

  5. Highlight a menu item.

    Press 1 or 3 to highlight a menu item.

  6. Display options.

    Press 2 to display options for the selected menu item.

  7. Highlight an option.

    Press 1 or 3 to highlight an option.

  8. Select the highlighted item.

    Press J to select the highlighted item. To exit without making a selection, press the G button.

Note the following:

  • Menu items that are displayed in gray are not currently available.
  • While pressing 2 generally has the same effect as pressing J, there are some cases in which selection can only be made by pressing J.
  • To exit the menus and return to shooting mode, press the shutter-release button halfway (0 The Shutter-Release Button).