A variety of accessories are available for your Nikon camera.

Power sources
  • EN-EL14a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (0 Charge the Battery): Additional EN-EL14a batteries are available from local retailers and Nikon-authorized service representatives. EN-EL14 batteries can also be used.
  • MH-24 Battery Charger (0 Charge the Battery): Recharge EN-EL14a and EN-EL14 batteries.
  • EP-5A Power Connector, EH-5b AC Adapter: These accessories can be used to power the camera for extended periods (EH-5c AC adapters can also be used). A power connector EP-5A is required to connect the camera to the EH-5b or EH-5c; see “Attaching a Power Connector and AC Adapter” (0 Attaching a Power Connector and AC Adapter) for details.
  • Filters intended for special-effects photography may interfere with autofocus or the electronic rangefinder.
  • The D3500 cannot be used with linear polarizing filters. Use C-PL or C-PL II circular polarizing filters instead.
  • Neutral Color (NC) filters are recommended for protecting the lens.
  • To prevent ghosting, use of a filter is not recommended when the subject is framed against a bright light, or when a bright light source is in the frame.
  • Center-weighted metering is recommended with filters with exposure factors (filter factors) over 1 × (Y44, Y48, Y52, O56, R60, X0, X1, C-PL, ND2S, ND4, ND4S, ND8, ND8S, ND400, A2, A12, B2, B8, B12). See the filter manual for details.
Viewfinder eyepiece accessories
  • DK-5 Eyepiece Cap (0 Cover the Viewfinder): Prevents light entering via the viewfinder from appearing in the photograph or interfering with exposure.
  • DK-20C Eyepiece Correction Lenses: Lenses are available with diopters of –5, –4, –3, –2, 0, +0.5, +1, +2, and +3 m–1 when the camera diopter adjustment control is in the neutral position (–1 m–1). Use eyepiece correction lenses only if the desired focus cannot be achieved with the built in diopter adjustment control (–1.7 to +0.5 m–1). Test eyepiece correction lenses before purchase to ensure that the desired focus can be achieved. The rubber eyecup cannot be used with eyepiece correction lenses.
  • DG-2 Magnifier: The DG-2 magnifies the scene displayed in the center of the viewfinder for greater precision during focusing. Eyepiece adapter required (available separately).
  • DK-22 Eyepiece Adapter: The DK-22 is used when attaching the DG-2 magnifier.
  • DR-6 Right-Angle Viewing Attachment: The DR-6 attaches at a right angle to the viewfinder eyepiece, allowing the image in the viewfinder to be viewed at right angles to the lens (for example, from directly above when the camera is horizontal).
Body cap BF-1B Body Cap/BF-1A Body Cap: The body cap keeps the mirror, viewfinder screen, and image sensor free of dust when a lens is not in place.
Accessory shoe covers BS-1 Accessory Shoe Cover: A cover protecting the accessory shoe. The accessory shoe is used for optional flash units.
USB cables UC-E20 USB Cable (0 Copying Pictures to the Computer, Connecting the Printer): A USB cable with a Micro-B connector for connection to the camera.
HDMI cables HC-E1 HDMI Cable (0 Viewing Pictures on TV): An HDMI cable with a type C connector for connection to the camera and a type A connector for connection to HDMI devices.

Attaching and Removing the Accessory Shoe Cover

The accessory shoe cover slides into the accessory shoe as shown. To remove the cover, hold the camera firmly, press the cover down with a thumb and slide it in the direction shown.

Attaching and Removing Viewfinder Eyepiece Accessories

To attach accessories, remove the rubber eyecup (q) and slide the accessory into the eyepiece as shown (w). Keep the eyecup in a safe place until it is needed again.

Remove accessories as shown in Figure e. Replace the eyecup after the accessory has been removed (r).

Hold the camera securely when removing the eyecup or viewfinder eyepiece accessories.

Optional Accessories

Availability may vary with country or region. See our website or brochures for the latest information.

Approved Memory Cards

The camera supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards, including SDHC and SDXC cards compliant with UHS-I. Cards rated SD Speed Class 6 or better are recommended for movie recording; using slower cards may result in recording being interrupted. When choosing cards for use in card readers, be sure they are compatible with the device. Contact the manufacturer for information on features, operation, and limitations on use.

Attaching a Power Connector and AC Adapter

Turn the camera off before attaching an optional power connector and AC adapter.

  1. Ready the camera.

    Open the battery-chamber (q) and power connector (w) covers.

  2. Insert the EP-5A power connector.

    Be sure to insert the connector in the orientation shown, using the connector to keep the orange battery latch pressed to one side. Be sure the connector is fully inserted.

  3. Close the battery-chamber cover.

    Position the power connector cable so that it passes through the power connector slot and close the battery-chamber cover.

  4. Connect the EH-5b AC adapter.

    Connect the AC adapter power cable to the AC socket on AC adapter (e) and the power cable to the DC socket (r). A P icon is displayed in the monitor when the camera is powered by the AC adapter and power connector.