Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with camera controls and displays. You may find it helpful to bookmark this section and refer to it as you read through the rest of the manual.

The Camera Body

1 Power switch
2 Shutter-release button

E/N button

4 Movie-record button
5 Live view switch
6 Mode dial
7 Built-in flash
8 Microphone (monaural)
9 Mounting mark
10 Lens release button
11 Mirror
12 Lens mount
13 CPU contacts

AF-assist illuminator

Self-timer lamp

Red-eye reduction lamp

15 Body cap

16 Accessory shoe (for optional flash units)
17 Command dial

A/L button


R (information) button

20 Connector cover

M/ Y button

22 Eyelets for camera strap
23 Speaker
24 Focal plane mark (E)
25 USB connector
26 HDMI connector

Close the Connector Cover

Close the connector cover when the connectors are not in use. Foreign matter in the connectors can interfere with data transfer.

The Speaker

Do not place the speaker in close proximity to magnetic devices. Failure to observe this precaution could affect the data recorded on the magnetic devices.

27 Rubber eyecup (comes attached to camera)
28 Viewfinder eyepiece
29 Diopter adjustment control

K button


G button


P button

33 J (OK) button
34 Multi selector

s/E button

36 Memory card slot cover
37 Memory card access lamp
38 Battery-chamber cover latch
39 Battery-chamber cover

O button


W/Q button


X button

43 Tripod socket
44 Monitor
45 Battery latch
46 Power connector cover for optional power connector

The Viewfinder

1 Focus points
2 Focus indicator
3 Autoexposure (AE) lock indicator
4 Shutter speed
5 Aperture (f-number)
6 Special effects mode indicator
7 Low battery warning

Number of exposures remaining

Number of shots remaining before memory buffer fills

White balance recording indicator

Exposure compensation value

Flash compensation value

ISO sensitivity

9 “k” (appears when memory remains for over 1000 exposures)
10 Flash-ready indicator
11 Flexible program indicator

Exposure indicator

Exposure compensation display

Electronic rangefinder

13 Flash compensation indicator
14 Exposure compensation indicator
15 Auto ISO sensitivity indicator
16 Warning indicator

Note: Display shown with all indicators lit for illustrative purposes.

The Mode Dial

The camera offers a choice of the following shooting modes and g mode:


P, S, A, and M Modes

2 Special Effects Modes (0 Special Effects)

Scene Modes

4 g Mode (0 The Guide)

Auto Modes

The R (Info) Button

Press the R button to view the information display or cycle through display options.

Viewfinder Photography

To view shutter speed, aperture, the number of exposures remaining, AF-area mode, and other shooting information in the monitor, press the R button.

R button


Shooting mode

i auto/j auto (flash off)

Scene modes

Special effects mode

P, S, A, and M modes

2 Eye-Fi connection indicator

Bluetooth connection indicator

Airplane mode

4 Vignette control indicator
5 Date stamp indicator
6 Vibration reduction indicator

Flash control indicator

Flash compensation indicator for optional flash units

8 Release mode
9 “Beep” indicator


Aperture (f-number)

Aperture display


Shutter speed

Shutter-speed display

12 Autoexposure (AE) lock indicator

AF-area mode indicator

Focus point

14 Battery indicator

ISO sensitivity

ISO sensitivity display

Auto ISO sensitivity indicator


Number of exposures remaining

White balance recording indicator

17 “k” (appears when memory remains for over 1000 exposures)

Exposure indicator

Exposure compensation indicator

19 Help icon

Note: Display shown with all indicators lit for illustrative purposes.

Turning the Monitor Off

To clear shooting information from the monitor, press the R button or press the shutter-release button halfway. The monitor will turn off automatically if no operations are performed for about 8 seconds. For information on choosing how long the monitor remains on before turning off automatically, see Auto off timers (0 Auto off Timers).

Live View and Movie Mode

To start live view, rotate the live view switch during viewfinder photography (0 “Point-and-Shoot” Modes (i and j)). You can then press the R button to cycle through display options as shown below.

R button

Show photo indicators

Show movie indicators
(0 Recording Movies, The P Button) *

Framing grid *

Hide indicators *

A crop showing the area recorded is displayed during movie recording; circled areas indicate the edges of the movie frame crop (the area outside the movie frame crop is grayed out when movie indicators are displayed).

The Live View Display

Item Description
q Shooting mode The mode currently selected with the mode dial (0 “Point-and-Shoot” Modes (i and j), Scene Mode, Special Effects, Shutter Speed and Aperture).
w Manual movie settings indicator Displayed when On is selected for Manual movie settings in mode M (0 Movie Settings).
e Time remaining The amount of time remaining before live view ends automatically. Displayed if shooting will end in 30 s or less (0 The Count Down Display).
r Wind noise reduction Displayed when On is selected for Movie settings > Wind noise reduction in the shooting menu (0 Movie Settings).
t Microphone sensitivity Microphone sensitivity for movie recording (0 Movie Settings).
y Sound level Sound level for audio recording. Displayed in red if level is too high; adjust microphone sensitivity accordingly (0 Movie Settings).
u Movie frame size The frame size of movies recorded in movie mode (0 Movie Settings).
i Focus mode The current focus mode (0 Focus Mode).
o AF-area mode The current AF-area mode (0 AF-Area Mode).

Item Description
!0 Time remaining (movie mode) The recording time remaining in movie mode (0 Time remaining).
!1 “No movie” icon Indicates that movies cannot be recorded.
!2 Focus point The current focus point. The display varies with the option selected for AF-area mode (0 AF-Area Mode).
!3 Exposure indicator Indicates whether the photograph would be under- or over-exposed at current settings (mode M only; 0 The Exposure Indicator).

Note: Display shown with all indicators lit for illustrative purposes.

The Count Down Display

A count down will be displayed 30 s before live view ends automatically (0 Time remaining); the timer turns red 5 s before the auto off timer expires (0 Auto off Timers) or if live view is about to end to protect the internal circuits. Depending on shooting conditions, the timer may appear immediately when live view is selected. Movie recording will end automatically when the timer expires, regardless of the amount of recording time available.

The P Button

To change the settings at the bottom of the information display, press the P button, then highlight items using the multi selector and press J to view options for the highlighted item. You can also change settings by pressing the P button during live view.

P button

Viewfinder photography

Live view