Guide mode gives access to a variety of frequently-used and useful functions. The top level of the guide is displayed when the mode dial is rotated to g.

1 Battery indicator (0 Battery Level)
2 Number of exposures remaining (0 Number of Exposures Remaining)
3 Shooting mode: A guide mode indicator appears on the shooting mode icon.
4 Choose from the following items:

Shoot: Take pictures.

View/delete: View and/or delete pictures.

Retouch: Retouch pictures.

Set up: Change camera settings.

Guide Mode Menus

To access these menus, highlight Shoot, View/delete, Retouch, or Set up and press J.




Easy operation
  4 Auto
5 No flash
9 Distant subjects
! Close-ups
9 Moving subjects
6 Portraits
" Night portrait
5 Photograph night landscapes
Advanced operation
  # Soften backgrounds Adjust aperture.
Bring more into focus
$ Freeze motion (people) Select a shutter speed.
Freeze motion (vehicles)
Show water flowing
H Capture reds in sunsets * Adjust white balance to vividly capture the colors in sunsets.
Take bright photos * Adjust exposure compensation to take bright (high key) or dark (low key) photos.
Take dark (low key) photos *

Affects other Advanced operation items. To restore default settings, turn the camera off and then on again.

“Start Shooting”

Highlight an option and press J.

  • Use the viewfinder
  • Use live view
  • Shoot movies

“More Settings”

If More settings is displayed, you can highlight this option and press 2 to access the following settings (the settings available vary with the shooting option selected):

  • Flash settings > Flash mode
  • Flash settings > Flash compensation
  • Release mode
  • ISO sensitivity settings > ISO sensitivity
  • ISO sensitivity settings > Auto ISO sensitivity control
  • Set Picture Control
  • Exposure compensation
  • White balance


View single photos
View multiple photos
Choose a date
View a slide show
Delete photos

Guide Mode

Guide mode is reset to Easy operation > Auto when the mode dial is rotated to another setting or the camera is turned off.


Filter effects (cross screen)
Filter effects (soft)
Photo illustration
Miniature effect
Selective color

Set Up

Image quality
Image size
Auto off timers
Date stamp
Display and sound settings
  Monitor brightness
Info background color
Auto info display
Movie settings
  Frame size/frame rate
Movie quality
Wind noise reduction
Flicker reduction
Playback display options
Clock and language
Format memory card
Airplane mode
Smart device connection
Eye-Fi upload *
Slot empty release lock

Only available when compatible Eye-Fi memory card is inserted (0 Eye-Fi Upload).

With the exceptions of Flicker reduction, Clock and language, Format memory card, HDMI, Airplane mode, Smart device connection, Eye-Fi upload, and Slot empty release lock, changes to settings apply in guide mode only and are not reflected in other shooting modes.

Using the Guide

The following operations can be performed while the guide is displayed:

To Description
Return to top level of guide Press G to turn the monitor on or return to the top level of the guide.
Turn monitor on
Highlight a menu Press 1, 3, 4, or 2 to highlight a menu.
Highlight options Press 1 or 3 to highlight options in the menus.

Press 1, 3, 4, or 2 to highlight options in displays like that shown below.

Select highlighted menu or option Press J to select the highlighted menu or option.
Return to previous display Press 4 to return to the previous display.

To cancel and return to the previous display from displays like that shown below, highlight & and press J.

View help

If a d icon is displayed at the bottom left corner of the monitor, help can be displayed by pressing the W (Q) button. Press 1 or 3 to scroll through the display, or press W (Q) again to exit.

d (help) icon