To display the setup menu, press G and select the B (setup menu) tab.

G button



Setup Menu Options

The setup menu contains the following options:

Option Default
Reset setup options
Format memory card
Date stamp Off
Time zone and date 1
  Sync with smart device Off
Daylight saving time Off
Language 1
Monitor brightness 0
Info display format
P/S/A/M Graphic
Auto info display On
Auto off timers Normal
  Self-timer delay 10 s
Number of shots 1
Lock mirror up for cleaning 2
Image Dust Off ref photo
Image comment
Copyright information
Beep Low
Flicker reduction Auto
  Assign AE-L/AF-L button AE/AF lock
Shutter-release button AE-L Off
AF activation Enable
Rangefinder Off
Manual focus ring in AF mode 3 Enable
File number sequence Off
Storage folder
File naming DSC
  Output resolution Auto
Device control On
Location data
  Download from smart device No
Airplane mode Disable
Connect to smart device
Send to smart device (auto) Off
  Network connection Disable
Paired devices
Send while off On
Eye-Fi upload 4 Enable
Conformity marking
Slot empty release lock Release locked
Reset all settings
Firmware version

Default varies with country of purchase.

Not available when battery is low.

Available only with lenses that support this item.

Only available when compatible Eye-Fi memory card is inserted (0 Eye-Fi Upload).

Note: Depending on camera settings, some items may be grayed out and unavailable.