This option determines how long the monitor remains on if no operations are performed during menu display and playback (Playback/menus), while photographs are displayed in the monitor after shooting (Image review), and during live view (Live view), and how long the standby timer, viewfinder, and information display remain on when no operations are performed (Standby timer). Choose shorter auto-off delays to reduce the drain on the battery.

Option Description (all times are approximate)

C Short

D Normal

E Long

Auto off timers are set to the following values:

Image review Live view Standby timer
Short 20 s 4 s 5 min. 4 s
Normal 5 min. 4 s 10 min. 8 s
Long 10 min. 20 s 20 min. 1 min.
F Custom Choose separate delays for Playback/menus, Image review, Live view, and Standby timer. When settings are complete, press J.

Auto off Timers

The monitor and viewfinder will not turn off automatically when the camera is connected to a computer or printer via USB.