Add a comment to new photographs as they are taken. Comments can be viewed as metadata in ViewNX-i or Capture NX-D. The comment is also visible on the shooting data page in the photo information display (0 Image comment). The following options are available:

Input comment: Input a comment as described below. Comments can be up to 36 characters long.

Attach comment: Select this option to attach the comment to all subsequent photographs. Attach comment can be turned on and off by highlighting it and pressing 2. After choosing the desired setting, press J to exit.

Text Entry

A keyboard is displayed when text entry is required. Use the multi selector to highlight the desired character in the keyboard area and press J to insert the highlighted character at the current cursor position (note that if a character is entered when the field is full, the last character in the field will be deleted). To delete the character under the cursor, press the O button. To move the cursor to a new position, rotate the command dial. To complete entry and return to the previous menu, press X. To exit without completing text entry, press G.

Text display area

Keyboard area