Create JPEG copies of NEF (RAW) photographs.

  1. Select NEF (RAW) processing.

    Highlight NEF (RAW) processing in the retouch menu and press 2 to display a picture selection dialog listing only NEF (RAW) images created with this camera.

  2. Select a photograph.

    Use the multi selector to highlight a photograph (to view the highlighted photograph full frame, press and hold the X button). Press J to select the highlighted photograph and proceed to the next step.

  3. Choose settings for the JPEG copy.

    Adjust the settings listed below. Note that white balance and vignette control are not available with pictures created with image overlay (0 Image Overlay), and that the effects of exposure compensation may differ from those that might have been expected when the photograph was taken.

    1 Image quality
    2 Image size
    3 White balance
    4 Exposure compensation
    5 Picture Control

    6 High ISO NR
    7 Color space
    8 Vignette control
    9 D-Lighting
  4. Copy the photograph.

    Highlight EXE and press J to create a JPEG copy of the selected photograph. To exit without copying the photograph, press the G button.