D-Lighting brightens shadows, making it ideal for dark or backlit photographs.


(U Portrait disabled)

(M Portrait enabled)

Press 4 or 2 to choose the amount of correction performed; the effect can be previewed in the edit display. Press J to copy the photograph.


To enable or disable this option, highlight Portrait and press 2. When Portrait is enabled, the camera will apply D-Lighting only to human portrait subjects, brightening up to three such subjects while leaving the background untouched for an effect similar to that achieved with a reflector.

Portrait Subjects

The camera automatically selects up to three subjects for portrait D-Lighting (note that portrait D-Lighting cannot be applied to photos taken with Off selected for Auto image rotation in the playback menu; 0 Auto Image Rotation). Depending on composition and how the subjects are posed, the desired results may not be achieved; if you are not satisfied, remove the check from Portrait.