Create a cropped copy of the selected photograph. The selected photograph is displayed with the selected crop shown in yellow; create a cropped copy as described in the following table.

To Description
Reduce size of crop Press the W (Q) button to reduce the size of the crop.
Increase size of crop Press the X button to increase the size of the crop.
Change crop aspect ratio Rotate the command dial to choose the aspect ratio.
Move crop Use multi selector to position the crop. Press and hold to move the crop rapidly to the desired position.
Create copy Press J to save the current crop as a separate file.

Image Size

The size of the copy (which varies with crop size and aspect ratio) appears at upper left in the crop display.

Viewing Cropped Copies

Playback zoom may not be available when cropped copies are displayed.

See Also

“Cropping Photos” (0 Cropping Photos) for information on cropping pictures during playback zoom.