When Your First Photo Can’t Wait

Getting Ready

  1. Insert the battery (Inserting the Battery).

    For information on charging the battery, see “Charging the Battery” (Charging the Battery).

  2. Insert a memory card (Inserting Memory Cards).
  3. Attach a lens (Attaching a Lens).
    • Align the mounting mark on the lens with the matching mark on the camera body (q) and rotate the lens in the direction shown (w).

    • A strap can be attached to the camera. For more information, see “Attaching the Strap” (Attaching the Strap).

  4. Turn the camera on and then choose a language and set the clock (Camera Setup).

Take (Taking Photographs) and View (Playback) Pictures

  1. To focus, press the shutter-release button halfway (i.e., lightly press the shutter-release button, stopping when it is pressed halfway).
  2. Without lifting your finger from the shutter-release button, press the button the rest of the way down to take the picture.
  3. View the picture.