The camera is equipped with two memory card slots (Slots 1 and 2), allowing simultaneous use of two memory cards.

  • Turn the camera off before inserting or removing memory cards.

  • Holding the memory card in the orientation shown, slide it straight into the slot until it clicks into place.

Number of Exposures Remaining
  • The shooting display and control panel show the number of photographs that can be taken at current settings.

  • Values over 1000 are rounded down to the nearest hundred. For example, values between 8000 and 8099 are shown as 8.0 k.

  • If no memory cards are inserted, an [–E–] indicator will be displayed.

Slot Icons

The location of the current picture is shown by an icon at the bottom left corner of the playback display.

Removing Memory Cards

After confirming that the memory card access lamp is off, turn the camera off, open the memory card slot cover, and press the card in to eject it (q). The card can then be removed by hand (w).

Memory Card High-Temperature Warning

As indicated in the label inside the memory card slot cover, memory cards may become hot while inserted in the camera. Wait for any high-temperature warnings to clear from the shooting display before handling the camera and memory cards.