Note the following points when recording videos:

  • Each video can be up to 125 minutes in length.

  • Each video recorded to a card with a capacity of 32 GB or less will be saved across a maximum of 8 files. Each of these files will be a maximum of 4 GB in size. The number of files and the length of each file vary with the options selected for [Frame size/frame rate].

  • If [ProRes 422 HQ 10-bit (MOV)] is selected for [Video file type] in the video recording menu and the memory card has a capacity of 32 GB or less, recording will automatically end when the file reaches 4 GB in size. Videos are not recorded across multiple files.

  • Depending on memory card write speed, shooting may end before the maximum length is reached.

  • Video cannot be recorded to XQD memory cards with a capacity of 32 GB or less when [N-RAW 12-bit (NEV)] or [ProRes RAW HQ 12-bit (MOV)] is selected for [Video file type] in the video recording menu.

  • A 0 icon (The 0 Icon) indicates that videos cannot be recorded.

  • [Spot metering] is not available during video recording.

  • Flash lighting (Using an On-Camera Flash) cannot be used.

Video Recording: Shooting Mode

The exposure settings that can be adjusted during filming vary with the shooting mode:



Shutter speed

ISO sensitivity 2

P, S 1








4 4

  1. Exposure control in mode S is the same as in mode P.

  2. The maximum ISO sensitivity for videos recorded with [ON] selected for [Electronic VR] in the video recording menu is ISO 25600.

  3. The upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using the [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity] item in the video recording menu.

  4. If [ON] is selected for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Auto ISO control (mode M)] in the video recording menu, the upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using [Maximum sensitivity].

Adjusting White Balance During Video Recording

White balance can be adjusted during video recording by holding the U button and rotating a command dial.

Using a Fixed Shutter Speed

In mode M, shutter speed can be set to values between 1/25 s and 1/32000 s (the slowest available shutter speed varies with the frame rate).

Wireless Remote Controllers and Remote Cords

If [Record videos] is selected for Custom Setting g2 [Custom controls] > [Shutter-release button], the shutter-release buttons on optional wireless remote controllers and remote cords can be pressed halfway to focus or pressed all the way down to start and end video recording.

Using an External Microphone

Third-party microphones with 3.5 mm mini-jack plugs can be used to record audio for videos.

  • Use [Mic jack plug-in power] in the video recording menu to choose whether the power for the external microphone is supplied by the camera (Mic Jack Plug-in Power).