The image area for videos can be selected using [Image area] > [Choose image area] in the video recording menu. The crop used for filming video varies with the option selected. Regardless of the option selected, the aspect ratio is 16:9.

  • Select [FX] to shoot videos in what is referred to as “FX-based video format”, [DX] to shoot in “DX-based video format”.

  • Selecting [DX] for [Choose image area] or mounting a DX lens on the camera with [3840×2160; 120p], [3840×2160; 100p], [1920×1080; 120p], or [1920×1080; 100p] chosen for [Frame size/frame rate] increases the apparent focal length by approximately 2.3× when compared to FX format.

  • The option currently selected is shown by an icon in the display. If [ON] is chosen for [Image area] > [DX crop alert] in the video recording menu, an image-area icon will flash in the shooting display when the DX or 2.3× crop is selected.

  • The sizes of the different crops are shown below.



    FX-based video format

    Approx. 35.9 × 20.2 mm

    DX-based video format

    Approx. 23.5 × 13.2 mm


    Approx. 16.7 × 9.4 mm

  • DX-based video format is selected automatically when a DX lens is attached.

  • When 7680 × 4320 is selected for frame size, image area is fixed at [FX]. The frame size changes to 3840 × 2160 when a DX lens is attached.

  • Selecting [ON] for [Electronic VR] in the video recording menu reduces the size of the crop.