[Reset using remote] has been added to the options available for [Timecode] > [Timecode origin] in the video recording menu (Timecode). This allows the time code to be reset by pressing the shutter-release button on an optional WR‑T10 wireless remote controller paired with a WR-R11a or WR‑R10 wireless remote controller attached to the camera.

  • Selecting [Reset using remote] displays a time-code reset dialog. Press the shutter-release button on the WR‑T10 to reset the time code.

  • Paring a single WR-T10 with multiple WR-R11a/WR-R10 wireless remote controllers allows the time codes for multiple cameras to be reset simultaneously with a single press of the WR-T10’s shutter-release button. The time codes for multiple cameras can thus be synchronized, making editing easier.

The Time-Code Reset Display

Pressing the camera shutter-release button all the way down while the time-code reset dialog is displayed resets the time code. No photograph will be taken.