“RAW video” refers to video recorded with [N-RAW 12-bit (NEV)] or [ProRes RAW HQ 12-bit (MOV)] selected for [Video file type] in the video recording menu.

Cautions: Recording RAW Video

The following restrictions apply when [N-RAW 12-bit (NEV)] or [ProRes RAW HQ 12-bit (MOV)] is selected.

  • ISO sensitivities of Hi 0.3 through Hi 2.0 are not available.

  • [Active D-Lighting], [High ISO NR], [Diffraction compensation], and [Electronic VR] are not available in the video recording menu.

  • RAW videos cannot be edited on the camera.

  • Regardless of the option selected for [HDMI] > [Output resolution] in the setup menu, the maximum output resolution is 1920 × 1080.

  • For information on the cautions that apply when [N‑Log] is selected for tone mode, see “Recording N‑Log Video” (Recording N-Log Video).

Viewing and Editing RAW Videos

RAW videos can only be viewed and edited using computer software that supports the RAW video format. Nikon’s NX Studio software supports only the display of the MP4 proxy videos recorded alongside RAW videos.