You now have the option of performing a full format on compatible CFexpress memory cards using [Format memory card] in the setup menu (Format Memory Card).

  • Performing a full format deletes data from all areas of the card. Perform a full format to ensure that all data are deleted or if you notice a drop in the speed at which data are read from or written to the card.

Performing a Full Format

Selecting a slot containing a compatible memory card for formatting using [Format memory card] in the setup menu displays a dialog prompting you to choose a format type.

  • Select [Yes (full format)] and then choose [Yes] when prompted to fully format the CFexpress memory card.

  • To format the card using the existing format method, select [Yes (quick format)].

  • You will also be presented with full and quick format options after pressing the O (Q) and S (Q) buttons for two seconds.

Cautions: Full Format
  • A full format takes longer than a quick format.

  • Do not turn the camera off or remove the CFexpress memory card until the message [Formatting memory card.] clears from the display.

“Quick Format” Versus “Full Format”

A quick format overwrites only the file system information, leaving the actual file data intact. In contrast, performing a full format on a CFexpress memory card deletes all data. We recommend fully-formatting CFexpress memory cards prior to transfer of ownership or disposal.