Select [Filtered playback] in the i menu to view only pictures that meet the criteria chosen for [Filtered playback criteria] in the playback menu or playback i menu.

[Filtered Playback Criteria]

Highlight options and press J to select (M) or deselect (U). During filtered playback, only pictures that meet all criteria marked with a check (M) will be displayed.




M: Include protected pictures.

[Picture type]

M: Include pictures of the selected types.


M: Include pictures with selected ratings.

[Select for upload to computer]

  • Select (M) [Uploaded pictures] to include pictures previously uploaded to a computer or ftp server.

  • Select (M) [Pictures not uploaded] to include pictures that have yet to be uploaded.

  • Select (M) both options to include both pictures that have and pictures that have yet to be uploaded.

[Select for upload (FTP)]

[Voice memo]

M: Include pictures with voice memos.

[Retouched pictures]

M: Include retouched pictures.

  • During filtered playback, a white border appears around the display.

  • To end filtered playback, select [Filtered playback] again.