Charge the supplied EN-EL18d battery before use.

Caution: The Battery and Charger

Read and follow the warnings and cautions in “For Your Safety” (For Your Safety) and “Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions” (Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions).

The Battery Charger

  • Before charging the battery, connect the EH-7P charging AC adapter to the MH-33 battery charger and plug it into a household power outlet. You can then insert the battery to begin charging.


    Signal contacts


    Charge lamps (green)

  • The charge lamps flash while charging is in progress and stop flashing as charging completes. Note that depending on the battery charge state, there may be a delay of about ten seconds before the lamps start flashing.

  • Insert the battery (terminals first), aligning the end of the battery with the guide and then sliding the battery in the direction indicated until it clicks into place.

  • Leave the charger in a location where it will remain stable and free from vibration during use.

  • An exhausted battery will fully charge in about 4 hours.

  • As charging progresses, the charge lamps will light one at a time until charging is complete and all three lamps are lit.

  • Battery status is shown by the charge lamps:

    Charge lamps

    Charge state


    ≥50%, <80%

    ≥80%, <100%



    I (off)

    I (off)

    H (flashes)

    K (on)


    I (off)

    H (flashes)

    K (on)

    K (on)


    H (flashes)

    K (on)

    K (on)

    K (on)

Caution: Charging EN-EL18d Batteries

EN-EL18d rechargeable Li-ion batteries are not compatible with MH-26a or MH-26 battery chargers. Be sure to use the MH-33 when charging EN-EL18d batteries via a charger.

If the Charge Lamps Flash Rapidly

If the charge lamps flash rapidly (8 times a second):

  • The battery was not inserted correctly: Unplug the charger and remove and reinsert the battery.

  • The ambient temperature is too hot or too cold: Use the battery charger at temperatures within the designated temperature range (0–40 °C/+32–104 °F).

If the problem persists, unplug the charger and end charging. Bring the battery and charger to a Nikon-authorized service representative.

The Charging AC Adapter: Charging

When inserted in the camera, the battery can be charged using the supplied EH-7P charging AC adapter.

  • After confirming that the camera is off, connect the charging AC adapter (q) and plug the adapter in. The battery will charge while the camera is off. Keep the plug straight during insertion and removal.

  • The camera charge lamp (w) lights amber while charging is in progress. The lamp turns off when charging is complete.

  • An exhausted battery will fully charge in about 3 hours and 40 minutes.

  • The battery also charges when the standby timer is off.

  • When charging is complete, unplug the charging AC adapter and disconnect it from the camera.

Caution: Charging EN-EL18a/EN-EL18 Batteries

The charging AC adapter cannot be used to charge EN-EL18a or EN-EL18 rechargeable Li‑ion batteries. Use an MH-26a battery charger.

Caution: The Charging AC Adapter
  • If the battery cannot be charged using the charging AC adapter, for example because the battery is not compatible or the temperature of the camera is elevated, the charge lamp will flash rapidly for about 30 seconds and then turn off. If the charge lamp is off and you did not observe the battery charging, turn the camera on and check the battery level.

  • Batteries with a “4” (l) showing for [Battery info] > [Battery age] in the setup menu cannot be charged.

The Charging AC Adapter: Power Delivery
  • If [ON] is selected for [USB power delivery] in the setup menu, the charging AC adapter will supply power to the camera when the camera is on.

  • The battery will not charge while the camera is powered by an outside power source.

  • For more information, see “‘Power Delivery’ Versus ‘Charging’” (“Power Delivery” Versus “Charging”).

Computer USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging
  • Computers will supply current to power the camera or charge the battery only when connected via a UC-E25 USB cable (available separately; USB Cables). The supplied USB cable cannot be used for this purpose.

  • Depending on the model and product specifications, some computers will not supply current to power the camera or charge the battery.