The camera now supports the FTPS file transfer protocol for secure connection to FTP servers.

  • To use FTPS, select [FTPS] as the server type when creating host profiles using [Connect to FTP server] in the network menu.

Firewall Settings

FTPS (selected by choosing [FTPS] as the server type) uses TCP port 21. File transfer may be blocked if the server firewall is not configured to allow access to this port.

FTPS Root Certificates

Before connecting to a server via FTPS, you will need to load a root certificate onto the camera. Root certificates can be managed using the [Manage root certificate] option newly added to [Connect to FTP server] > [Options] in the network menu.

  • Contact the network administrator for the FTPS server in question for information on acquiring root certificates.



[Import root certificate]

Import a root certificate to the camera from a memory card.

  • The certificate must be in the card’s root (top) directory.

  • The camera can import root certificate files named “ROOT.CER”, “ROOT.CRT”, or “ROOT.PEM”.

  • Only one root certificate can be stored on the camera at a time. The existing certificate is overwritten when a new certificate is imported.

  • Connections established using self-signed root certificates may not be trustworthy.

[Delete root certificate]

Delete the current root certificate from the camera.

[View root certificate]

View the camera’s current root certificate.

[Connect if authentication fails]

Select [ON] to ignore certain authentication errors.

Error Codes

New codes have been added for errors occurring when the camera is connected to an FTPS server via Ethernet or wireless LAN (Error Codes).

[Error authenticating FTP server credentials.]

Error code



Check that the FTP server supports TLS 1.2 or later.


Check that you are using the correct root certificate.



The camera cannot connect because the FTP server has requested a client certificate. Check FTP server settings.


Turn the camera off and then on again.