To play voice memos, press the b button when viewing photographs marked with h icons.

Interrupting Playback

Pressing the shutter-release button or operating other camera controls may end playback. Playback ends automatically when another picture is selected or the camera is turned off.

The i Menu

Voice memos can also be played by highlighting [Play voice memo] in the playback i menu and pressing J.

Deleting Voice Memos

To delete the voice memo from the current photo, press the O (Q) button; a confirmation dialog will be displayed as shown.

  • To delete both the photo and the voice memo, highlight [Picture and voice memo] and press O (Q).

  • To delete only the voice memo, highlight [Voice memo only] and press O (Q).

  • To exit without deleting either the photo or the voice memo, press D.

  • With dual-format pictures, you may opt to delete the voice memo only from the picture on the card in the current slot by choosing [Selected picture] in the confirmation dialog and then selecting [Voice memo only].