Additions have been made to the roles available for Custom Setting f3 [Custom controls (playback)] (f3: Custom Controls (Playback)) and the controls to which they can be assigned.

Newly Customizable Controls

[DISP button] has been added to the list of customizable controls.

New Roles




[Filtered playback (select criteria)]

Press the control to jump to [Filtered playback criteria] in the playback menu.


[Start series playback]

Pressing the control when a picture from a burst is displayed full frame starts automated playback of the remaining pictures. Playback stops when the control is released (Handling Bursts as Groups).


[Cycle info display]

Press the control to cycle the photo information display during full-frame playback. The pages available can be chosen using [Playback display options] in the playback menu.


[Resume shooting]

Press the control to end playback and return to shooting mode.