Use the new [C60] high-speed frame capture option to take pictures at 60 frames a second.

  • With the release mode dial rotated to c, hold the c button and rotate the main command dial to select [C60].

  • The maximum length for bursts taken in this mode is approximately four seconds.

  • Photos can be taken at the following settings:

    • Shutter speed: 1/32000 – 1/60 s

    • [Image area]: [DX (24×16)] only

    • [Image quality]: [JPEG normal] only

    • [Image size]: [Large] only

  • The release mode chosen if a DX lens is attached with [C120] selected is now [C60] rather than [C30]. Image area is fixed at [DX (24×16)].

  • Pre-Release Capture is supported. Custom Setting d4 [C30/C120 options] has been renamed [Pre-Release Capture options].