Use the SnapBridge app for wireless connections between the camera and your smartphone or tablet (“smart device”).

  • SnapBridge apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store® or on Google Play™.

  • Visit the Nikon website for the latest SnapBridge news.

  • Carefully read any license agreements or the like displayed when SnapBridge is launched and only proceed if you are willing to accept them.

What SnapBridge Can Do for You

The tasks that can be performed using the SnapBridge app are outlined below. For details, see the SnapBridge app online help:

Downloading Pictures from the Camera

Download existing pictures to your smart device. They can also be downloaded automatically as they are taken.

Remote Photography

Control the camera and take pictures from the smart device.

Can’t Connect?

If you have trouble establishing a connection with the smart device, try:

  • turning the camera and smart device off and then on again, or

  • checking wireless settings on the smart device.