Choose whether to record time codes giving the hour, minute, second, and frame number for each frame when shooting videos. Time codes are not included in videos shot with [H.264 8-bit (MP4)] selected for [Video file type] in the video recording menu.



[Record timecodes]

  • [On]: Record time codes. The time code appears in the shooting display.

  • [On (with HDMI output)]: Time codes will be included with footage saved to external recorders connected to the camera via an HDMI cable. The camera supports Atomos SHOGUN, NINJA, and SUMO-series Monitor recorders.

  • [Off]: Time codes are not recorded.

[Count-up method]

  • [Record run]: Time codes are incremented only while recording is in progress.

  • [Free run]: Time codes are incremented continuously. Time codes continue to be incremented while the camera is off.

[Timecode origin]

  • [Reset]: Reset the time code to 00:00:00.00.

  • [Enter manually]: Enter the hour, minute, second, and frame number manually.

  • [Current time]: Set the time code to the current time as reported by the camera clock. Before proceeding, select [Time zone and date] in the setup menu and make sure that the camera clock is set to the correct time and date.

[Drop frame]

Select [ON] to compensate for discrepancies between the frame count and the actual recording time at frame rates of 30 and 60 fps.

Caution: HDMI Devices

Selecting [On (with HDMI output)] for [Record timecodes] may disrupt footage output to HDMI devices.