Note the following points when recording movies:

  • Depending on memory card write speed, shooting may end before the maximum length ( Frame Size/Frame Rate and Movie Quality ) is reached.

  • Note that the number of subjects that can be detected in [Face-priority AF] drops during movie recording.

  • A 0 icon (Movies) indicates that movies cannot be recorded.

  • [Spot metering] is not available during movie recording.

  • Flash lighting ( Using an On-Camera Flash ) cannot be used.

Movie Recording: Exposure Mode
  • If the subject is over- or under-exposed in mode P or S, exit and restart live view or select mode A and adjust aperture.

  • The following exposure settings can be adjusted during filming:



Shutter speed

ISO sensitivity 2

P, 1

— 3



— 3




4 4

  1. Exposure control in mode S is the same as in mode P.

  2. If [On] is selected for [Electronic VR] in the movie shooting menu when ISO sensitivity is set to a value of from Hi 0.3 to Hi 5, ISO sensitivity will be limited to 102400.

  3. The upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using the [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Maximum sensitivity] item in the movie shooting menu.

  4. If [On] is selected for [ISO sensitivity settings] > [Auto ISO control (mode M)] in the movie shooting menu, the upper limit for ISO sensitivity can be selected using [Maximum sensitivity].

Adjusting White Balance During Movie Recording

White balance can be adjusted during movie recording by holding the U button and rotating the main command dial. If [Auto] or [Fluorescent] is selected, a sub-option can be selected by rotating the sub-command dial.

Recording Movies in Mode M

In mode M shutter speed can be set to values between 1/25 s and 1/8000 s (the slowest available shutter speed varies with the frame rate).

Wireless Remote Controllers and Remote Cords

If [Record movies] is selected for Custom Setting g2 [Custom controls] > [Shutter-release button], the shutter-release buttons on optional wireless remote controllers and remote cords can be pressed halfway to start live view or pressed all the way down to start and end movie recording.

Using an External Microphone

Optional ME-1 stereo microphones or ME-W1 wireless microphones can be used to record movie audio.