To play voice memos, press the Fn3 (C) button when viewing photographs marked with h icons.

The i Menu

Voice memos can also be played by highlighting [Play voice memo] in the playback i menu and pressing J.

Interrupting Playback

Pressing the shutter-release button or operating other camera controls may end playback. Playback ends automatically when another image is selected or the camera is turned off.

Deleting Voice Memos

To delete the voice memo from the current photo, press the O (Q) button; a confirmation dialog will be displayed as shown.

  • To delete both the photo and the voice memo, highlight [Image and voice memo] and press O (Q).

  • To delete only the voice memo, highlight [Voice memo only] and press O (Q).

  • To exit without deleting either the photo or the voice memo, press K.

  • If the photo was shot with two memory cards inserted and [Backup], [RAW Slot 1 - JPEG Slot 2], or [JPEG Slot 1 - JPEG Slot 2] selected for [Role played by card in Slot 2], highlight either [Selected image] or [Same images on w and x] and press O (Q) to display a confirmation dialog. To delete only the voice memo from the picture on the card in the current slot, select [Voice memo only] after choosing [Selected image].