Movies can be edited using the following options:




[Choose start/end point]

Create a copy from which unwanted footage has been removed.


[Save current frame]

Save a selected frame as a JPEG still.


[Add index]

Add indices to movies during playback. Indices can be used to quickly locate frames during playback and editing (Adding Indices to Movies).


[Delete index]

Delete indices from movies (Deleting Indices).

Trimming Movies

  1. Display a movie full frame.

  2. Pause the movie on the new opening frame.
    • Press the center of the multi selector to start playback. Press 3 to pause.

    • Your approximate position in the movie can be ascertained from the movie progress bar.

    • Press 4 or 2 or rotate the main command dial to locate the desired frame.

  3. Select [Choose start/end point].

    Press the i button, highlight [Choose start/end point], and press 2.

  4. Choose the start point.

    To create a copy that begins from the current frame, highlight [Start point] and press J.

  5. Confirm the new start point.
    • If the desired frame is not currently displayed, press 4 or 2 to advance or rewind.

    • To skip to 10 s ahead or back, rotate the main command dial.

    • To skip to the first or last frame, rotate the sub-command dial.

  6. Choose the end point.

    Press g (h/Q) to switch to the end-point selection tool (x) and then select the closing frame (x) as described in Step 5.

  7. Press 1 to create the copy.

  8. Preview the copy.
    • To preview the copy, highlight [Preview] and press J (to interrupt the preview and return to the save options menu, press 1).

    • To abandon the current copy and return to Step 5, highlight [Cancel] and press J.

  9. Choose a save option.

    Choose [Save as new file] to save the edited copy as a new file. To replace the original movie with the edited copy, choose [Overwrite existing file].

  10. Save the copy.

    Press J to save the copy.

Trimming Movies
  • The copy will not be saved if there is insufficient space available on the memory card.

  • Movies less than two seconds long cannot be edited using [Choose start/end point].

  • Copies have the same time and date of creation as the original.

Removing Opening or Closing Footage
  • To remove only the closing footage from a movie, choose [End point] in Step 4, select the closing frame, and proceed to Step 7 without pressing the g (h/Q) button in Step 6.

  • To remove only the opening footage, proceed to Step 7 without pressing the g (h/Q) button in Step 6.

The Retouch Menu [Trim Movie] Option

Movies can also be edited using the [Trim movie] item in the retouch menu.

Saving Selected Frames as JPEG Stills

  1. Pause the movie on the desired frame.
    • Press 3 to pause playback.

    • Press 4 or 2 to locate the desired frame.

  2. Choose [Save current frame].

    Press the i button, then highlight [Save current frame] and press J to create a JPEG copy of the current frame.

[Save Current Frame]
  • Stills are saved at the dimensions selected for [Frame size/frame rate] in the movie shooting menu when the movie was recorded.

  • They cannot be retouched.

  • Some categories of photo information are not displayed during playback.

Adding Indices to Movies

  1. Pause playback on the desired frame.
    • Press 3 to pause playback.

    • Press 4 or 2 to locate the desired frame.

  2. Select [Add index].
    • Press the i button, highlight [Add index], and press J to add an index.

    • Up to 20 indices can be added to each movie.

Deleting Indices

After rotating the sub-command dial to skip to the desired index (either while playback is in progress or while playback is paused), press the i button to display a menu. The selected index can then be deleted by highlighting [Delete index] and pressing J.