To enable the electronic shutter during live view photography, muting the shutter and eliminating the vibrations it produces, select [On] for [Silent live view photography] in the photo shooting menu. Use for landscapes, still lifes, and other static subjects.

  • Use of a tripod is recommended.

  • Enabling silent live view photography changes the frame advance rates for continuous release modes (Frame Advance Rate).

Silent Live View Photography
  • Selecting [On] for [Silent live view photography] does not completely silence the camera. Camera sounds may still be audible, for example during autofocus or aperture adjustment.

  • During silent live view photography, you may notice the following in the display and in photographs recorded with the camera.

    • Flicker or banding in scenes lit by such sources as fluorescent, mercury vapor, or sodium lamps

    • Distortion associated with motion (individual subjects such as trains or cars moving at high speed through the frame may be distorted, or the entire frame may appear distorted when the camera is panned horizontally)

    • Jagged edges, color fringing, moiré, and bright spots

    • Bright regions or bands in scenes lit by flashing signs and other intermittent light sources or when the subject is briefly illuminated by a strobe or other bright, momentary light source

  • In continuous release modes, focus is fixed at the values for the first shot in each series.

  • Silent photography mutes the shutter, but this does not absolve photographers of the need to respect their subjects’ privacy and image rights.

Silent Photography

Some camera features, including the following, cannot be combined with silent live view photography:

  • ISO sensitivities of Hi 0.3 through Hi 5

  • Flash photography

  • Long exposure noise reduction