Location Data and Track Logs
  • If [On] is selected for [Location data (built-in)] > [Record location data] in the setup menu or log tracking is in progress, the camera will continue to acquire log and/or location even while off.

  • Personal information may be inferred from the location data stored in track logs or embedded in photos and movies. Exercise caution when sharing photos, movies, or track logs or when posting them to the Internet or other locations where they can be viewed by third parties. Be sure to also read “Disposing of Data Storage Devices” (Disposing of Data Storage Devices).


This product is a camera. It is not intended for use as a navigation or surveying device.

  • The location reported by the camera is an approximation only. It is not to be used for surveying or for navigation when travelling by air or car, on foot, or by other means.

Overseas Use
  • Before travelling, check with your travel agent or the embassy or tourism board of the countries you will be visiting for information on restrictions that may apply to the use of cameras that support the recording of location data. China, for example, prohibits unauthorized recording of location data. Select [Off] for [Record location data].

  • As of December, 2019, the location data function may not perform as expected in China and in the vicinity of the Chinese border.