Ethernet and the WT-6 can be used for the following tasks.

Upload to FTP Servers or Computers

Not only can you copy pictures to computers, you can also upload them to ftp servers ( Upload to Computers and FTP Servers ). Pictures can be uploaded as they are taken.

Computer-Based Remote Photography (Camera Control Mode)

Installing Camera Control Pro 2 (available separately) on a network computer gives you complete control over camera settings and lets you take pictures remotely and save them directly to the computer hard disk ( Camera Control ).

Browser-Based Remote Photography (HTTP Server Mode)

Use a web browser to control the camera from network computers and smart devices ( HTTP Server ). No dedicated app is required.

Camera-Based Remote Photography (Synchronized Release)

A master camera can be used to control the shutters on one or more remote cameras ( Synchronized Release ). The cameras must have WT-6 wireless transmitters attached.

Clock Synchronization (Synchronize Date and Time)

Synchronize the clocks on two cameras via a network ( Synchronizing Camera Clocks ).

Ethernet Connections

Wireless LAN settings are not required when the camera is connected to a network via an Ethernet cable.

FTP Servers
  • Servers can be configured using standard ftp services—including IIS (Internet Information Services)—available with Windows 10 (Enterprise/Pro/Home), Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.1 (Enterprise/Pro).

  • Internet ftp connections and connection to ftp servers running third-party software are not supported.

HTTP Sever Mode

Internet connections are not supported in http server mode.

  • Connection to computers on other networks via a router is not supported. You can connect only to computers on the same network.

  • Connection to ftp servers via a router is however supported.

Firewall Settings

TCP ports 21 and 32768 through 61000 are used for [FTP], TCP ports 22 and 32768 through 61000 for [SFTP]. TCP port 15740 and UDP port 5353 are used for connections to computers. File transfer may be blocked if the server firewall is not configured to allow access to these ports.