The built-in location data unit records the camera’s current latitude, longitude, and altitude, together with the current time (Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC). Location data embedded in pictures can be viewed in the location data page of the playback photo info display (Location Data).

Location Data Options

To enable or disable the location data function or adjust location data settings, highlight [Location data (built-in)] in the setup menu and press 2.



[Record location data]

Select [On] to enable the location data function.

[Standby timer]

If [Enable] is selected when [Record location data] is set to [On], the standby timer will expire if no operations are performed for the period chosen using Custom Setting c2 [Standby timer]. Choose this option to reduce the drain on the battery.

[Set clock from satellite]

Select [Yes] to set the camera clock to the time reported by the location data function.

[Create log]

Record a track log.

  • [Log location data]: The camera will log location data at the interval chosen using [Log interval] for the time selected for [Log length]. To end, pause, or resume the log, highlight [Log location data] and press 2.

  • [Log interval]: Choose how often the camera logs its current location.

  • [Log length]: Choose how long logging will continue.

[Log list]

List track logs by date.

  • Where multiple logs were recorded on the same day, an identifier appears after the date.

  • The camera can store up to 100 track logs.

  • To delete a log, highlight it and press O (Q).


View the latitude, longitude, altitude, and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) currently reported by the built-in location data unit. UTC data are provided by the built-in location data unit independently of the camera clock.

The Satellite Signal Indicator

Signal strength is shown by a o icon in the top control panel.

  • o (static): The camera records the current latitude, longitude, and altitude.

  • o (flashing): The camera is unable to determine its location from the satellite signal; location data are not recorded. Wait for the o icon to stop flashing.

  • o not displayed: The o icon clears from the display if no signal is received for two seconds. Location data will not be recorded with pictures taken when the icon is not displayed. Note, however, that location data previously acquired may be recorded with pictures taken after the icon has cleared from the display.

Location Data
  • The camera may in certain cases need additional time to acquire location data, for example immediately after the battery is inserted, when the location data function is enabled for the first time, or after an extended period of disuse.

  • The positions of navigation satellites change constantly. This may slow or prevent the acquisition of location data in some locations or at certain hours of the day.

  • Satellite signals may be blocked or reflected in the locations listed below, rendering the data acquired less accurate or preventing its acquisition altogether.

    • In buildings or under ground

    • Between tall buildings

    • Under bridges

    • In tunnels

    • Near power lines or similar structures

    • In dense forest

    • In metal briefcases or other containers

  • The presence of cellular telephones or other devices that transmit on frequencies close to those of navigation satellites may interfere with the acquisition of location data.

  • The location reported by the camera may differ from its actual location by up to several hundred meters.

  • The location data recorded with movies are those reported at the start of recording.

  • The location data embedded in pictures may differ from the location in which they were actually recorded.

  • Turning the camera off does not disable the location data function. The location data function can be disabled by selecting [Off] for [Location data (built-in)] > [Record location data] in the setup menu.

Track Logs
  • Track logs will not be recorded if the camera clock is not set or if no memory card is inserted.

  • To prevent logs being interrupted, be sure the camera battery is fully charged.

  • Tracking ends if:

    • the camera battery runs low,

    • the battery is removed, or

    • [Off] is selected for [Location data (built-in)] > [Record location data].

  • Location data will not be logged while the camera is unable to acquire a satellite signal.

Track Logs
  • The time remaining appears in the [Location data (built-in)] display while logging is in progress.

  • Logs are not interrupted when the camera is turned off or the standby timer expires. Be sure to monitor the battery level while logging is in progress.

  • Logs are stored in the “NIKON” > “GNSS” folder on the memory card and have names of the form “Nyymmddx.log”. Here “yy” is the last two digits of the current year, “mm” the month, “dd” the day, “x” a single-character identifier from 0 (zero) to Z assigned in ascending order by the camera, and “.log” the extension (thus the first log recorded on October 15, 2019, will be named “N1910150.log”).

  • Logs are in NMEA format. There is however no guarantee that they will display correctly in all software or on all devices.

  • Using the SnapBridge app, location data can be downloaded to the camera from a smartphone or tablet (smart device) via a wireless link even when location data cannot be acquired using the camera’s built-in location data unit.

  • Location data downloaded from the smart device will be recorded with pictures even if [Off] is selected for [Location data (built-in)] > [Record location data]. Location data recording can be ended by disabling the location data feature in the SnapBridge app.