To view the photo shooting menu, select the C tab in the camera menus.

The photo shooting menu contains the following items:



[Photo shooting menu bank]

Photo Shooting Menu Bank

[Extended photo menu banks]

Extended Photo Menu Banks

[Storage folder]

Storage Folder

[File naming]

File Naming

[Role played by card in Slot 2]

Role Played by Card in Slot 2

[Image area]

Image Area

[Image quality]

Image Quality

[Image size]

Image Size

[NEF (RAW) recording]

NEF (RAW) Recording

[ISO sensitivity settings]

ISO Sensitivity Settings

[White balance]

White Balance

[Set Picture Control]

Set Picture Control

[Manage Picture Control]

Manage Picture Control

[Color space]

Color Space

[Active D-Lighting]

Active D-Lighting

[Long exposure NR]

Long Exposure NR

[High ISO NR]


[Vignette control]

Vignette Control

[Diffraction compensation]

Diffraction Compensation

[Auto distortion control]

Auto Distortion Control

[Flicker reduction]

Flicker Reduction

[Flash control]

Flash Control

[Auto bracketing]

Auto Bracketing

[Multiple exposure]

Multiple Exposure

[HDR (high dynamic range)]

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

[Interval timer shooting]

Interval Timer Shooting

[Time-lapse movie]

Time-Lapse Movie

[Focus shift shooting]

Focus Shift Shooting

[Silent live view photography]

Silent Live View Photography