Flash compensation is used to deliberately alter flash output, for example in order to change the brightness of the subject relative to the background. Flash output can be increased to make the main subject appear brighter, reduced to prevent glare, or otherwise fine-tuned to produce the desired result.

Adjusting Flash Compensation

Hold the W (M) button and rotate the sub-command dial.

  • Choose from values of from −3 to +1.

  • At default settings, changes to flash output are made in increments of 1/3 EV. The size of the increment can be selected using Custom Setting b3 [Exp./flash comp. step value].

  • In general, choose positive values for brighter lighting, negative values to ensure that the subject is not too brightly lit.

  • At values other than ±0.0, a Y icon will appear in the viewfinder and top control panel.

  • Flash compensation can be viewed in the top control panel and viewfinder by pressing the W (M) button.

    −0.3 EV

  • Normal flash output can be restored by setting flash compensation to ±0.0. Flash compensation is not reset when the camera is turned off.