Be careful to prevent dust from entering the camera when the lens or body cap is removed. The lens generally used in this manual for illustrative purposes is an AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G.

Remove the camera body cap

Remove the rear lens cap

Align the mounting marks

Rotate the lens as shown until it clicks into place

Be sure to remove the lens cap before taking pictures.

Detaching the Lens

Be sure the camera is off when removing or exchanging lenses. To remove the lens, press and hold the lens release button () while turning the lens clockwise (). After removing the lens, replace the lens caps and camera body cap.

CPU Lenses with Aperture Rings

In the case of CPU lenses equipped with an aperture ring (0 Recognizing CPU and Type G, E, and D Lenses), lock aperture at the minimum setting (highest f-number).