The D850 supports the following image quality options.

Image quality is set by pressing the T button and rotating the main command dial until the desired setting is displayed in the control panel.

T button

Main command dial

JPEG Compression

Image quality options with a star (“”) use compression intended to ensure maximum quality; the size of the files varies with the scene. Options without a star use a type of compression designed to produce smaller files; files tend to be roughly the same size regardless of the scene recorded.


When photographs taken at settings of NEF (RAW) + JPEG are viewed on the camera with only one memory card inserted, only the JPEG image will be displayed. If both copies are recorded to the same memory card, both copies will be erased when the photo is deleted. If the JPEG copy is recorded to a separate memory card using the Secondary slot function > RAW primary - JPEG secondary option, each copy must be deleted separately.

The Image Quality Menu

Image quality can also be adjusted using the Image quality option in the photo shooting menu (0 Image Quality).

See Also

For information on the number of pictures that can be stored at different image quality and size settings, see “Memory Card Capacity” (0 Memory Card Capacity).

NEF (RAW) Compression

To choose the type of compression for NEF (RAW) images, highlight NEF (RAW) recording > NEF (RAW) compression in the photo shooting menu and press 2.

NEF (RAW) Bit Depth

To choose a bit depth for NEF (RAW) images, highlight NEF (RAW) recording > NEF (RAW) bit depth in the photo shooting menu and press 2.

NEF (RAW) Images

JPEG copies of NEF (RAW) images can be created using NX Studio or other software or the NEF (RAW) processing option in the retouch menu (0 NEF (RAW) Processing).